01 The art of designing and creating in the Metaverse 02 Now is the time where you can have fun building ideas in the Metaverse 03 We build metaverse worlds for your company 04 We develop new Metaverse-specific products and services


As a Metaverse Studio Production, we help you build and develop your presence in virtual worlds.

We provide

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Virtual exhibition​ and event for a physical  Gallery based in Saint-Tropez (France)​

Lise Braun Gallery


Denis Santelli

French Digital Artist

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We are a decentralized team of visual artists, technologists, programmers and digital Marketers draw on experience from various areas of art and digital innovation dedicated to our clients’ longterm, sustainable growth in the Metaverse.

In partnership with DigitalMate

We believe that

The Metaverse has the potential to succeed the Internet as a computing platform and like the Internet did before it, the creation of the Metaverse heralds a need for a new way of thinking and doing things.


Head office :
31 rue des Trois Bornes 75011 Paris, France

+33 781 838 204

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